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What is a snow tires and why do i need it?

Snow Tires

In the winter when it is snowing and where you live the roads are icy, before you go out on the road you need to be careful and adjust your driving accordingly. To be safe you have to drive slowly and brake lightly, you also need to leave more distance between you and the car in front of you. But probably the most important thing is that you get tires for ice and snow.

What is a Snow Tires?

Snow tires are special-made tires that are made for the purpose of driving safely at times when the roads are dangerous, from the back patterns to the rubber to the chemicals used in making, snow tires are the better choice because they give the driver more control over the vehicle that they are driving.

Back Rubber

Snow tires are made of a rubber to protect your tires’ low flexibility from the low temperature. All season tires and summer tires are made to protect your tires from the hot climate and from the scorching road, they are not made for freezing temperatures and they get hard at cold climates, when a tire gets hard, it cannot provide you the traction power you need to go faster or to slow down.

Back Pattern

The back patterns of the snow tires are much more different from the all season tires or the summer tires,they have more slits and alcoves, alcoves are small dents made to protect the tires from attrition.When these features all come up together, they allow the tire to get in the snow deeper,help stabilize the car in the snow and an overall better performance.

Many people just say “Winter tires” but it is important to point out that snow tires are not just tires that are used when it is snowing, Snow Tires are the best tires to use in conditions such as when the roads are icy, snowing or wet. They are good tires for speeding, stopping and when turning.

These features provide better road grip in the unpredictable roads of winter.Soft rubber compounds help the vehicle have a better grip on the road in places with slippery roads.deeper back patterns allows the tires to get deeper in snow,thus allowing the overall control to be higher,after all your car has lower chances slipping with snow tires rather than all season tires,also it allows you to speed faster and stop quicker.

Why do i need four snow tires?

Being irrelevant to your car being FWD or RWD, snow tires are best put on all fours. Some drivers question that if it is needed to change all four tires but there is a valid reason why tire and car companies recommend you to do so. First of all, when you change only two tires, you will lose the road grip that the four wheel version will provide in the first place, whatever car you may be using, never use 2 snow tires on the front and all seasons at the rear, if you do so you will be risking whenever you brake the rear tires may lose road grip, therefore making the car unstable. Because rear wheels have lesser road grip compared to the front wheels, in such cases the rear wheels may slip. Can i use snow tires just on the rear wheels? Especially if your car is RWD, would that not be enough? Do not forget, in a RWD car, the front wheels steer the car, the rear wheels provide the power. If your rear wheels grip the road and your front wheels doesn’t, it will be hard to steer your car.

Transition to snow tires

In freezing cold, snow and ice, it is the best option to get all wheels snow tires, but what do you need to do to attach your tires? The answer to this question lies on the place you live and when the freezing temperature starts, we can tell you when to and how to attach your snow tires.

Put them on before the bad weather starts.

Before winter comes, it is utmost important to put your snow tires on,the basic rule is,if you can see your breath when you exhale, it is the time to put your snow tires on. Do not wait too long to remove your snow tires. Snow tires are made to achieve the best performance in winter, summer and all season tires are made available for summer. Snow tires are not made to be driving in hot times and if done so, the tires will wear off quicker. Use whatever type of tire, be careful and prepared for slippy roads. It is always best to slow down and spare more time to go to whereever you are going,it is important to get a habit of putting on snow tires before winter, and it improves road safety. If every year you encounter snowing, icy and wet roads,snow tires will not only ease your life, it will also help prevent accidents.


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