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Should i use snow chains or pallets?

Should i use snow chains or pallets?

This is a frequently asked question by people, and we will try to answer them as best as we can. The difference between a snow chains and a pallet is the ease of use. As you know to attach the chain you need to lift the car with the car jack and then attach the chain. But there are easier ways to attach the chain to your tire. But for snow pallets, such bothering is not an issue. You just need to attach the pallet as it is and lock the safety and that’s it.

Which is better?

The decision between a snow chains and pallets is made by your budget and how bad the weather is. If you have the budget to buy a snow pallet and if the road conditions are too bad. It is better to use snow pallets. Because there is no bother attaching them and removing. And their road grip is better than a chains’.

Does it hurt the tire?

Some people that use the snow pallets say that the pallets damage the tire and melt the tires. This is partly true but when the pallets are attached the maximum speed limit is 45, and if the driver is not following this limit, conditions said above may occur.

Can you attach a snow chains or pallets when there is a snow tire?

People that use snow tires inside the city traffic have no needs of chains or snow pallets. Snow tires will provide good safety in the city traffic, but precautions should be taken if you need to go to intercity long roads where you may need a little more speed. At least you should take cautions according to the road condition, snow pallets and chains should be in the trunk of your car.

What to look for when attaching a chain?

The most important thing when attaching a tire is the part where the chains link should not be at the part where the tire is contacting the ground. Otherwise the tire may be damaged, the chain should be stretched, and made sure the safety is on.

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