Tire Manufacturing Security


In the tire manufacturing sector, working safety and health keeps getting more and more value. In the last couple of months serious injuries that have occurred during work, are responsible for much of these, Some of the companies have contracts that make the workers stay quiet if they ever catch a working disease or get injured during work, but after some time when the employee leaves their job, these diseases or injury news spread around, and not working in that company anymore does not mean that the employee is safe from all the diseases, some of them appear after 5-6 years of working. Most of these are called “occupational diseases”, With this, the workers that work with rubber in the tire industry have risk of catching diseases as serious has cancer.

According to the information that ILO has given, the scientific works that have been done on the workers show that bladder, stomach, lung and different kinds of cancer death rates are higher than an average person. These deaths usually caused by being exposed to a specific chemical for a long time.
While doing more production, it is hard to determine that the formula of materials used together with rubber are the cause of these high death rates of cancer.

A common health problem that is seen among the tire manufacturers are mostly respiratory diseases.(Chest Compression,Shortness of breath etc.) During the tire production stages such as mixing, mashing, back, cooking is the most exposure time for these harmful chemicals. Most of these cause respiratory diseases.

To restructure the working power, the age rate of the workers are quickly rising. With this they are usually working with shifts that are mostly 12 hour shifts and rotation systems.People that work at such old ages suffer from depigmentation or many diseases.

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