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Tips for changing blown out tires

Tips for changing blown out tires

When changing tires there are unusual items and life saving little details such as pair of gloves, litter bag, cream, wooden plate etc. You should always have a fresh pair of gloves with you(keep your hands from the grease and dirt) In case the tyre you took out is covered in dirt always keep a litter bag in your boot.

Same litter bag will keep your knees and clothes from getting dirty. You can lay it down while you work. In case the surface is soft you should always have a wooden plate so you can prevent your lifting jack from sinking in.

If possible you should oil the nuts on the wheels.(in an emergency vaseline or any hand cream will work) After you’ve changed the tyre you should drive gently because the tyre could have deflated or be improperly filled with air. Go to the nearest petrol station and inflate it properly. Improperly tightened nuts could damage the brake disks or the shape of the wheel. To make sure you have tightened them use a torque wrench. If you don’t have a torque wrench and you have tightened it by eye you should immediately see a tyre expert.

Changing Tires

This will set the correct torque on the nuts. Properly torqued nuts makes it easier when changing again. For that reason all drivers are recommended to check their tyres for early wearing and tearing. These signs can include wearing on the pattern, shoulder and heel of the tyre etc. Older tyres could lower the road grip. Including the spare, all wheels should be checked by an expert regularly. Experts can tell you if your tyres have no problem or otherwise. It is recommended that if your tyres are older than five years they should be checked every year.

If necessary follow the instructions by the manifacturer of the vehicle. As a precaution, if your tyres haven’t been changed after 20 years of its production date they are recommended to be changed even if they look good. Use of a trye for this long isn’t responsible. Tyres should be changed and serviced regularly for your and every driver’s safety. If your tyres had a rough contact with the curb or a pothole there could be damage. Even if there is no visible damage in case of holes, tears or changes in shape they need to be checked by an expert.

Only an expert could tell you if a tyre can be repaired or not. Don’t forget, do not use damaged or driven while deflated tyres unless you have a expert look at it before. It will risk the safety of tryes. You must have your tyres checked by an expert because internal damage is not possible to see when the tyre is in place. Tyres do not have regular use of time.

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