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What time is the tires expiration date?

Automobile tires, 4×4 or SUV Car tires, Large tires such as truck tires, van tires are classified. Therefore the car type, is the first thing that you need to look for when choosing tires.

What are the differences between a 4×4 and a 4×2 Car?

The tire you choose must have a long lifespan, and must be durable.

The way you use your tire is important when choosing a tire, are you using your car on the countryside, short distance city roads or intercity long drives? The Type of tire you will get differenciates depending on the way you use it, for example tires with long lifespans are usually more expensive but if you’re going on long drives with your car these are the tires you should choose for your car. Otherwise you may need to change tires all the time, just making you spend even more money on them.


Choose a tire that offers lower fuel consumption, you can consult this to your tire manufacturer, tires that offer quick movement are actually good for fuel saving and has a good road grip.

What are the factors that affect road grip?

Using tires available for the season are good for both safety and fuel consumption,therefore always use snow tires in the winter and summer tires in the summer.

What should i look for when buying tires during the winter?
What time is the tires’ expiration date?

Talking about an expiration date for an automobile tire is a difficult thing to do, because the condition of the road that you will drive in,the way the driver uses the car, the areas that the car will be used affect the lifespan of the tire, and therefore it cannot be said precisely. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look for things when buying a tire, you need to check the date the tire was made, and keep in mind that the average tires’ lifespan is about 4 years.

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