Sport tires for SUV drivers

Bridgestone‘s Dueler H/P Sport tires aims for the SUV drivers.According to the Japanese manufacturer “Dueler H/P Sport was made not only to increase the road grip when taking sharp turns but also made to provide better traction on light snow, overall a high performance for all four seasons.Like other models that Bridgestone has made, Dueler H/P Sport will be used the Run flat technology with the Stelvio 2018 car.This provides that you can go with a speed of 80 kilometers per hour for about an hour,therefore increasing the safety.

Other than decking an SUV vehicle with Dueler H/P sports tire,it is not the first time that Bridgestone was chosen by automobile manufacturers.

Michelin Pilot sport 4 S: Is it the new reference for sports tire?

The king is dead, Long live the king. Michelin Pilot Super Sport is officialy retired and the model that will take its place has been revealed:Pilot Sport 4 S.This tire takes place between PS4 and radical Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires.

A complete range of sports tires.

It is hard to find a sports tire company such as Michelin that answer to the real needs of consumers out there.Reminding that Pilot Sport tires have 3 different tires in its capacity. The most famous one of this tire family being PS4, answers more to the needs of your car.

Which features of 4S earns it a place among PS4 and Cup?

First of all we should not forget that this is not a semi-slick tire.However radical it may be it has been improved with a safety level that gives no quarter in its use.It has a special back pattern that exists of two different compound technology that allows its back pattern to have maximum road grip on wet or dry surfaces. Next time dont forgot the subscribe to Best Time To Buy Tires for the future articles and articles about tires. We’re always trying to write good and useful things for you.

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