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Safety in tire manufacturing services

General Profile 

Chemical materials, coloring materials and different rubber types are processed by a mixer that works with very high temperatures and high amounts of pressure, these mixers are named Banbury. As a result of this, we get a flexible gum-like rubber material. Later on this mixture is cooled down and are cut into slices and after that they go to the masher after being processed through the machines. Until it gets ready in the masher different kinds of paste are used and as a result of this the tire shoulder, the back pattern and the other parts are formed. Another rubber kind is used to form the tire body that is covered by polyester or by nylon. After this the fabric is made with protective wires and added a Chafer strip, this is done against the rubbing of the jims against the tire, therefore doing the protective job. The steel lines that prevent penetrations on the tire and gives the tire the ability to grip the road are added in last. Then the rollers press all the parts together and paste them on.

Tire Safety

After this the molds form the tire and harden them up with vulcanization. These molds, are heated up to 300 degrees depending on their sizes. If there are any mistakes on the tire that is thought of as a minor, small or non important thing the whole tire is rejected and thought of as a defective tire. Some defections are checked by a trained official, and these tests are not only through the surface, some tires have hidden weak points and to identify those the tires are taken out of the production line, and put to X-Ray. Adding to this, the Quality Control engineers cuts randomly selected tires and check them for performance,safety and anything that affects the tire in a negative way.

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