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The right tire choice in 4 articles

Start by learning your tire size

To choose the right tire type and size of your car. What you need to do first is learn the brand of your tire choice. Type and size information on your car. After that you can start looking for tires.

You should consider season and climate conditions

If you never have to drive in a snowy, icy road and you rarely have to. And if the temperature is usually above 7 degrees. It would be better suitable for you to choose a tire designed for standart climate conditions. Do you think summer tires are suitable for your car, you should start looking for the sun symbol on most sites. Filter your searches for summer tires.

Winters are harsh where you live, or you drive up to the mountains, you should be prepared with a strong snow tire and be ready for some ice and snow. Snow tires are specially tested for use in snow and mud and will offer you more safety during your harsh winter drives. Snow tires, especially in rainy weathers or temperatures below 7 degrees have a higher performance over a summer tire. If your choice is on the side of snow tires. You should look for a snowflake sign when searching for a tire on the internet. And filter your searches accordingly.

Make your decision according to your vehicle’s area of use

If you use your car for carrying heavy things in your car. You should definitely put that into account when looking for a tire choice. You should check your tire’s weight value first before looking for a new tire and choose your new tire accordingly. And you should also take into account your car’s factory tires’ speed index, and should not choose below them.

Look for an overall high performance tire choice

The right tire choice may provide you with anything you need in just one buy. Safety, fuel saving and a long lifespan. A good tire choice will make sure your car’s braking distance is lower and you should know that sometimes the life-saving distance may be even 1 to 2 meters. This is why the right tire choice carries vital importance.

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