Why you should need winter tires?

Why you should need winter tires?

It is still unknown what exactly winter tires mean. Drivers think that they can use winter tires only in winter, actually they look at winter tires in a way that they can only be used during frost and winter times. But not only in those times, winter tires actually provide safety in times of rain in below 7 degrees.

But Why?

Summer tires start getting hard in cold weather. This will decrease the road grip of the tires and therefore not providing much safety and performance. But winter tires have no such thing with them. winter tires dont get hard even on the coldest times and does not suffer a loss of road grip. winter tires are made to be used below 7 degrees. This is made thanks to rubber system. Summer tires lose their flexibility in little cold and suffers a heavy loss of road grip.

Winter tyres are made of organic rubber and provide safety for drivers during winter. According to the tests that have been done in a fully winter covered road, a car that was going with 50 km/h was able to stop in 35 meters, but when it was done with a summer tire there was 8 meters difference, 8 Meters in such conditions mean a distance about 2 cars that you can fit in.

It should be a safe drive during winter

The winter months are the times when the weather is dangerous, for this reason summer tires should not be used. The researches show that the accidents happening during a year are 6 times more during the winter. It really shows that winter is a very dangerous time of the year. It makes it engrossing that most of the cars that had an accident had no winter tyres. Some people just try to escape the cost of winter tires, but instead they pay a much worse price. For your and your loved ones’ safety, get yourself some winter tires.

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