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When do you need new tires?

Beware of cracks and dents

Cuts, deformation, vibration or any air leak on the car must be immediately checked by an expert. Afterall these situations could be the indicating bigger problems.Scrapes and cuts that are seen on the tire are usually formed by long exposure to sun,and the ozone damage. To reduce this effect just wash off the tires’ side with a little detergent.This advice is valid for the everyday use cars and the lesser used vehicles such as a caravan

Do not forget to check regularly.

It is recommended that the tires are regulary checked by an expert especially if it is been used for more than 5 years, at least once a year. Including the spare tire, tires that have been in use for longer than 10 years, or has passed 10 years after production,they need to be changed. Listen to your car manufacturer for choosing the right tires for your car. When the sounds bad, best time to buy tires is here. Don’t worry about that. We’re always trying to find tires for you.

The deformation on the tires must be regularly checked,abnormal deformities usually happen because of incorrect front layout settings, steering wheel, or the suspension system.The mechanical parts of the car also need to be regularly checked and when necessary the required repair and adjustments have to be made.

Measure your tread depth

Make sure your tires’ tread depth is at the legal limit of 1.6mm. This means it needs to be at least 1.6mm along the back pattern.There are a lot of tools to measure your tread’s depth.With these tools the canals in between the tire treads are measured.

The Right amount of air pressure increases your safety. The right amount of air pressure carries an important role for both safety, long lifespan of the tire and for fuel saving. Lower or higher air pressures may affect your road grip, performance of the tire tire and the durability poorly.

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