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Michelin Low Rolling Resistance Tires

Averagely, an automobile‘s %20 of fuel consumption is used to overcome rolling resistance. Yes,that really is true. A tire is responsible for about %20 of the fuel consumption of a car. We can almost hear you asking how to reduce it.

What causes rolling resistance?

Every time the tire spins, because the tire’s back pattern contacts with the ground it bends and suffers deformities. This is %90 of the reason for Rolling resistance.

The more rolling resistance for a car, the more power the engine has to generate for the car to move forward. If the engine keeps overworking it will drain more fuel. Think of rolling resistance like you’re climbing a %1 bend of an automobile continuously. The rolling resistance cannot be removed completely but reducing it as much as possible will mean that your car will consume less fuel. 12 Billion liters of fuel has been saved since 1992

low rolling resistance tyres
low rolling resistance tyres

Green energy saving tires, These tires offer an extraordinary amount of high performance at high lifespans and high levels road grip performance. Without compromising any safety or tire lifespan.

In our present days, out of the four most sold tires three of them are Michelin Green tires.

Since 1992, Over 400 Million low rolling resistance Michelin tires have been sold.

Since 1992, Michelin Green energy saving tires have also surprisingly contributed to help reduce 30 million tons of CO2 gas being released from cars. CO2 is a toxic gas that is being released for about 2,5 kg for each liters of fuel. If all the cars in Europe would be attached with green energy tires,every year we could have saved 3 billion liters of fuel.(Equal to 100,000 Fuel tankers)

After taking these facts into account about Michelin‘s low rolling resistance tires, we find ourselves much more persuaded to buy Michelin’s green energy saving tires to help protect the environment and our air.

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