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A.Martin has shared details about the Valkyrie

Aston Martin has shared details about the Valkyrie

Every detail of the vehicle shows an unbelieveable amount of engineering.

The british automobile manufacturer Aston Martin, even though it’s just the looks has had announced us with the hypercar model Valkyrie. And today the british company is saying that the looks of it is %95 ready. Other than a lot of new pictures Aston Martin has expressed their ”tear drop” design of the cockpit’s top body surfaces and lower folds.

By mounting the seats directly to the tub the interior has been upgraded to the top. The seats are positioned like the real F1 and Le Mans automobile fashion. In the ”feets up” position for both the passengers to become one with the car. While the four pointed safety belts are standart, the six pointers will be ready for the race trackers. To keep things simple most of it is mounted to the steering wheel and it also has an OLED screen, and yes the steering wheel can be separated.

Because Aston Martin sees things such as the door handles as ”unwanted aerodynamic problems”. Because both side of the Valkyrie’s door mirrors are removed for the rear cameras. Because of the engine air tunnels mounted there is no rear window either. The outer design is mostly the same concept. With small differences such as new aerodynamics and cockpit to the front wheel designs. There are small details such as the F1 inspired headlights that allow the vehicle to be 30 to 40 percent lighter rather than the other Aston Martin designs.

The normal AM badge was considered too heavy, therefore note the ”Wing” badge that is decorating the front. An old straight sticker wasn’t good enough. Because of this the new badge is %99.4 lighter than the older badges. And lighter %30 thinner than the human hair.

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