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How to maintain your car tires

Hello everyone. In this week we’re giving you a useful tip as Best Time To Buy Tires crew for your tires. The tires are the parts that affect the car’s high performance. They are the parts that is in contact with the ground all the time and it is the part that gets the most dirt. Asphalt, Rain, the mud after the rain and the salt that gets spilled on the road affect the tires negatively. The dirt coming from the brake lining, because of things like oil stains. Pitch stains the tire gets dirty very quickly therefore performs at a lower rate.

Basicly you need to take care of your tires as much as you take care of your car. You may use your tires for a longer time if the right amount of tire maintenance is being done. You can also clean your tires easier if there are no long-time stains on it. You can clean your tires like it’s their first day again with Divortex Car Care “Red Shine” tire cleaner,it comes with a clean package of 500ml, ready for direct use. Other than that it gets ready by being mixed with. For example (200 ml water,200 ml red shine) and is ready to use.

First it would be better to use it when cleaning your car, and it will get you better results, but it can be done separately. First the stains on the tire are softened with water,then you use red shine on it. Some tires may have stones in it, to clean those stones you may get help from a sharp stick.

Do not remove things that has penetrated the tire like a nail or a screw if you do not know the repairing of it, just go to your tire mechanic. Or else you may damage your tires when all you intend to do is clean your tires.

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