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Goodyear’s new concept tire called Eagle-360

In the automobile tire sector, there is the next big thing since hardened rubber.

This spherical shaped wheel is named Eagle-360 and uses magnetic power to lift. With its back design inspired by the shape of our brain.

Around beggining of March in Geneva in an automotive expo Goodyear, a tire and rubber manufacturer, introduced a new spherical design for the driverless cars. Some consider this new design to be the re-invention of the wheel. Spherical wheels have a lot of advantages. Driverless cars with these spherical wheels can manoeuver at any time at any angle and direction. These wheels can change lane in a sort of parallel way. Parallel parking in the tightest of spaces. In the cars that require forward acceleration to turn these manoeuvers are not possible.


But with A.I controlled spherical wheels almost everything is possible.The disadvantage of a spherical wheel, you can’t connect it to an axle because the axis is not in the center. But Eagle-360, solves that by using magnetic levitation of the vehicle on these wheels. The same technique goes for the brakes and ride. The back design of the spherical wheel solves another problem ever so cleverly. Because these wheels can rotate at any direction they need to have road grip at any given situation.

To provide this nature was observed and pattern of the brain Coral was used. The wheels help with grip by softening and hardening at different condition.Voice of the RnD department Keith Price states that these wheels are only a theory for now.” These are only possibilities; this helps with RnD department with their ideas for the future.” Price says” Even if this product we have seen at the expo doesn’t exactly happen. Some aspects of it will be available in the future.” Price brings attention to car manufacturers predicting in 2035 they will sell 85 million driverless cars, and that somebody needs to make these vehicles their wheels.

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