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Choose the right tires

The traffic accidents that happen around the world cause 1.2 million deaths and about 40 million injured people. These deaths and wounds also have car and tire maintenance problems other than the driver’s mistake. Michelin provides information to the car drivers about the vital matter of tire and their maintenance to prevent accidents happen. Michelin being one of the world’s best tire companies, with over 100 years of experience over tires, offers performance,  safety, fuel saving and durability to the drivers. Michelin experts say that for the summer to come, the long journeys to begin, say that the tire maintenance’s need to be made by experts in this matter. Your tire treats you as much as how well you treat it. 10 Minutes of time spared to the tires will help you have a better grip on life,and most importantly traffic security. For your performance and safety to be fully at maximum, your tires needs as much attention as your car. The correct adjustments have to be made to be able to take sharp turns. The tires of your car not only increase your road grip, they also carry your vehicle’s weight and helps you control the vehicle while driving and steering your car. Michelin prepared a lot of suggestions about the tire maintenance and about road safety, they are doing their part.

Choose the right tires

When attaching a tires to your car, make sure that the tires have the advised air pressure, weight index. The tires you put on your car on the exception of being four tire sets,do not attach different types of tire on the same shaft. When changing your tires,the ideal is to change the tires altogether. Unless the vehicle’s rear and front tires suffer from different attrition, which is not always possible. In this case, attach the new tires to the back, and the old ones to the front.

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