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When is the best time to buy new tires?

When is the best time to buy new tires?

Even if tires were designed to be long lasting, wear, age and damage could cause them to be changed. Learn the signs of a tire getting old and let the experts guide you. Damage: Curbs, potholes or hard and pointy edges can cause serious damage to your tires. If you do not take them to an expert you could risk your life. Only the experts can tell you if the tires are repairable or need to be changed. AGE: Tires don’t have a set time of use. For that reason they need to be checked regularly for aging and wear. Old tires could cause grip loss and risk your life.

WEAR: Checking your tire pattern for depth and wear is always a good idea. Legal limit is 1.6 mm. We strongly recommend you change your tire before that limit. Worn tires,could not provide safety and could be illegal to drive with. It isn’t important where or when the tires where manufactured.

There are plenty of reasons to change a tire’s life such as; temperature, service, storage conditions and use, load, speed, pressure and driving style of the driver. Uneven wear on the tires could suggest a bad rod balance setting. It could also be the use with the wrong pressure on the tire. If you notice an abnormal wear on your tires you should contact an expert immediately. To prevent from uneven wear on your tires you should set your rod balance every six months.

This will also extend the life of your tire’s back and give you a more smooth ride.For an even wear on your tire you should change them in pairs or sets.All of your tires should be the same type. Different sizes or types of tires could effect the ride and control of the vehicle.If you have to use different types of tires do not use different radials on the same axle.

If you have 2 pairs of radials on one vehicle the radial pair should be on the rear axle and non-radial pair on the front axle. There are different ways to find a right tire for you vehicle. If you are not sure which tires are right for you vehicle use our tire choosing module. We recommend you start with the vehicle. All of this is a deciding factor for choosing the right tire type for your automobile.

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