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3 Tips for All Season Tires Maintenance

It is easy to forget that the tires are the only contact point between the car and the road,therefore it is important to get quality and good performance tires so that it is safer,for this we recommend you to follow the safety steps below;

1.Contact Point

The place where your tires contact the road are just as big as your hand,your safety,comfort and fuel consumption are all connected to this contact point. Not only because you chose the right tires but at the same time you need to maintain your tires to get the best performance out of them,because your tires;

• Are the only contact point between the road and the car.
• Carries all the weight of your car.
• Controls the steering, speeding and braking of your car.
• Reduces the effect of every obstacle on the way.

2.Depth and erosion of tires AN EASY AND FAST SAFETY PROCEDURE

Make sure you regularly check the depth of your tires’ back and change them when they are worn off.This will allow you to have maximum road grip.Before your tire depth reaches 1.6mm you need to change your tires,To make your life easier Michelin tires are exactly at a 1.6mm height are equipped with indicators that show you your tires are wearing off.It is important for your safety that the back depth is at a good level because:

3.Tire Pressure

The right tire pressure lower the chances of losing your car’s control,at the same time it also helps prevent that your tires are worn off before their time and have irreparable damages on the internal structure of the tire.Including the backup tires it is important that you check your tire’s air before you go on a long ride, preferably when they are cold. When they are checked while they are warm,add 4 PSI to the measured pressure. It is important that your tire pressure is checked every month because:

• Low tire pressure increases the risk that your tires get damaged.
• More than %20 pressure could lower the lifespan of your tire by around 10.000km.
• The right tire pressure will also help save fuel.


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