Best Time To Buy Tires

It often happens that you take your car at the dealership for a quick maintenance job and you get to learn that your tires need to be changed. This can be a bombshell because tires are expensive and if you have to change the entire set, then it can dig a hole in your pocket. However, if you take a little care and be vigilant you can avoid such rude shocks and be able to buy tires when they are really affordable. For this you should keep checking your tires for wear and tear and once in a month use a currency coin like a penny to check the depth of the tread. The wear and tear of the tires of course depends on how often and how much you drive, but even spare tires can wear out due to lack of use. If you time your purchase right then you can get some very good deals on new tires. Let us look at the best times to purchase new tires

Best Time To Buy Tires


During April the National Car Care month is celebrated and this is also one of the best times in the year to buy new tires. This is because the tire sellers know that there is going to be an influx of customers who want to prepare their cars for summer road trips. This is why the retailers try to attract customers with irresistible deals on new tires, and they can stretch out the buying season. This will ensure that your car is in top notch condition for the long rides you are planning for the summer. In the month of April you should keep a look out for manufacturer rebates.


The Fall Car care month is celebrated during October and this is another time when tire dealers try to attract customers before the all around rush to get the cars ready to face the harsh winters. It is a good idea to take advantage of these offers and get stock of brand new tires ready so that you will not be taken off guard by the snow and slippery conditions. During this time also apart from the retailers the manufacturers also offer heavy rebates.

How to save money while buying new tires

If it is possible for you, it is advisable to invest in the quality of tires which can withstand all kinds of road conditions, along with heavy snow and rain; this will be like killing two birds with one stone. Also make sure to keep a look out for promotional offers that tire stores regularly offer on complete sets of tires during the following optimal periods:

Manufacturer rebates – These are usually in the range of $70-$100 and they are usually offered in the form of prepaid debit cards. However, you need to buy four tires in order to qualify for these rebates.

Best Time To Buy Tires

Buy three get one deals – This is another common promotion for tires to buy three tires and get one free with them. Most tires cost more than $100 so this can be a considerable amount saved.

Discounts on routine maintenance – This depends on where you buy the tires, it may make you eligible for deals on other car maintenance jobs like headlight replacement, filter change, and fluid changes.

Free oil changes – It costs between $30 and $ 50 to change the oil in the car depending on which make and model your car is. It is also necessary to change the oil four times in a year. This means that if along with the tires you get a free oil change, then it may mean significant savings over the year.

Bonus tips – If you are buying new tires, then it is a good idea to use a credit card which has rewards or cash back programs, in order to pay for the tires. A complete new set of tires along with the labor cost of changing them will cost anywhere near $500. Even if your card has cash back of 1%, then you get $5 back that may not look like too much, but it is free money for something that you need to buy anyway.

These are the different ways to save money when you purchase tires. If you wait until mid summer or mid winter to change your tires, then it will cost you much more. Hence, even if your tires do not need to be changed immediately they ultimately will have to be changed and it is a good idea to buy a set when they are cheap and keep it for the time when you will need to change them.

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